Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 39 Highlights: Contestants Share Some Highly Emotional Memories

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 39 Highlights: Contestants Share Some Highly Emotional Memories

A new captain has been declared in the house after the captaincy task is completed and Sohel passes on the captain armband to Noel Sean.  Sohel’s week was riddled with problems and grumblings by the contestants which led to Sohel  ultimately hurting himself because he made a promise not to shout anymore.

Yesterday’s episode began with contestants waking up to the customary morning dance and music.  As part of the morning masthi Bigg Boss directs Avinash and Ariyana to act like butterflies while Harika has to teach the rest of the housemates how to catch the butterflies.  The luxury budget task for this week was read out by Lasya and it is a chugging task.  As part of this task, the swimming pool has bottles of the Real mango juice which has a luxury budget tag.  Two contestants have to get one bottle each, chug the entire bottle without stopping and deposit the tag in a box assigned to them following which they have to once again go for another bottle.  Mehboob and Kumar Sai are the competitors and Mehboob ends up winning the task.

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In the evening Bigg Boss displays pictures of the contestants from their childhood along with their family which ends up making all the contestants highly emotional.  Each contestant gets a gift from Bigg Boss which contains a picture which is close to their heart.  Contestants had to share a close memory after looking at the photo gift.  This particular task elicited some highly emotional stories and memories from the contestants.


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