Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 38 Highlights: Noel Sean Becomes Captain Second Time And Sohel Hurts Himself

Yesterday, Bigg Boss gave a task to the house where contestants are divided into two teams, red and blue, with Ariyana heading the red team and Akhil heading the blue team.  Day 38 begins with the previous day’s task resuming.  Bigg Boss gives a task that one man has to shave off his hair and beard.  Amma Rajasekhar decides to do the task but the housemates convince him not to do it. Both Red and Blue reject the deal to shave off hair.

The next task is to get down into the cowdung bathtub and get a hundred buttons from it. Divi performs the task.  Avinash does another task, where he eats bananas by covering his face with a mask.  Akhil performs another task, where everybody from the opposition team has to make him get up from the chair by using things like soap, brush, shampoo, etc.

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Akhil gets upset with the task so Monal makes him calm down and takes care of him. Avinash fumes up at Sohel for being an unfair referee, which makes him all angry and hurts himself by hitting his hand at the wall.  Later, Sohel also breaks down into tears and all the houseguests pacify him.  As the blue team has more coins, they win the task for being selected for the captaincy task.  Noel Sean became the new captain of the BB house but will not be safe next week as he lost the immunity in the task.


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