Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 37 Highlights: Harika Chops Her Hair And Kumar Sai Chops His Clothes

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 37 Highlights: Harika Chops Her Hair And Kumar Sai Chops His Clothes

The episode begins with Abhijeet and Harika sitting down and once again discussing Monal’s reason to Nagarjuna saying both Abhijeeth and Akhil are at fault.  Abhijeet confesses he is still angry from what Monal told Nagarjuna.  Monal confesses her thoughts to Bigg Boss and tells Abhijeeth is right when he said both himself and Monal have no similarities between them at all.  The next morning Divi and Akhil talk about what transpired during the nominations.

Each housemate has to become a part of the house and talk about the thoughts about a place in the house as part of morning masti as directed by Bigg Boss.  Abhijeet tells SOhel that although he is a good man at heart, he needs to keep his anger in check.  Abhijeet tells Sohel his reason becomes minute and goes out of context when he begins shouting.

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The captaincy task is read out by Lasya and Bigg Boss directs contestants to divide themselves into two teams, red and blue with Ariyana heading the red team and Akhil heading the blue team.  Sohel is the referee as he is the current captain of the house.  The idea of the task is the teams need to spend gold after striking a deal with Bigg Boss and the team with the most spending wins the task.  The winning team will be the nominated contestants for the captaincy task.  The first deal is for one male contestant to chop everything which they are wearing on their body.  Kumar Sai and Avinash step up for this task as both of them feel okay playing the task.  Akhil and Ariyana have to ring a bell and the one who rings the bell first will win the deal and the blue team wins the deal.  Second deal is one contestant from either team has to send away every piece of clothing except the one they were wearing outside the house.  Red team and Abhijeeth win the deal for 20 coins.  Third deal is for one female contestant from either team to chop their hair to their neck level and dye their hair red.  Harika and the blue team step up to the task and Harika gets her hair chopped with tears.  The deals keep on coming and the last deal for this episode is a contestant having to wear a jute clothing and the red team wins the deal and nominates Monal.


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