Raghavendra Rao To Relaunch Pelli Sandadi With Srikanth’s Son Roshan

Raghavendra Rao To Relaunch Pelli Sandadi With Srikanth’s Son Roshan

Raghvendra Rao is regarded as a veteran of filmmaking in Tollywood.  The 78 year old director has a career spanning more than five decades and has directed more than hundred films, most of which were box office hits.  Raghavendra Rao has successfully experimented with multiple genres like romantic comedy, fantasy, melodrama, action thriller, biographical and romance films.  However, the veteran director has been away from the limelight and has not done any new films in the last two years.

The legendary director is making his return once again by directing Pelli Sandadi once again but only this time to suit the sentimentalities of this day and age.  The original Pelli Sandadi released in 1996 and starred Srikanth as the lead with Raghavendra Rao directing the movie.  The second and the newer version will star Srikanth’s son Roshan who is being relaunched once again.  Roshan starred in a movie Nirmala Convent but took a long hiatus from acting even after receiving multiple offers.

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Radhavendra Rao announced on NTR’s birth anniversary, that he would be making a comeback with a new film which would remind you of his old films and would also feature three heroines, directed by three directors, with Raghavendra Rao as a supervising director.  Keeravani is working on the music for Pelli Sandadi just like he did with the original which was released in 1996.  RK Tele Films and ARKA Media Works jointly produce the film. Sreedhar Seepana is the writer of the movie.



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