Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Fifth Week Elimination Highlights: Sujatha Is Eliminated And Drops A Big Bomb

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Fifth Week Elimination Highlights: Sujatha Is Eliminated And Drops A Big Bomb

The fifth weekend began with Gangavva pleading with the show host Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss to let her leave the show as she is unable to go on any longer due to her bad state of health both mentally and physically.  Nagarjuna was moved by Gangavva’s plight and requested Bigg Boss to oblige her wishes to which the latter agreed and let Gangavva leave the show.  Gangavva received a tearful send off from the contestants while Akhil and Sohel were saved from elimination.

Sunday’s episode begins with Nagarjuna announcing there are still seven contestants in nominations.  Since it is a Sunday Nagarjuna announces games for the day.  The first game is dumb charades where contestants had to guess the name of the movie.  After guessing the movie contestants have to attribute the movie to a contestant.  Nagarjuna announces it was Abhijeeth’s birthday on Sunday.  In between the  game of dumb charades, Nagarjuna announces Ariyana is safe from the eliminations.  Nagarjuna directs Avinash to announce the second contestant to be saved from elimination and it was Noel.  Abhijeeth and Lasya are the next contestants to be announced safe from elimination.

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Sujatha, Monal and Amma Rajasekhar are still not in the clear and one of them would be eliminated.  Monal is also announced she is safe while Amma Rajasekhar and Sujatha are directed to go to the garden area.  Rajasekhar and Sujatha are directed to break an ice block and the contestant photo inside the ice block with evicted written on it will be eliminated.  Sujatha is eliminated and joins Nagarjuna on the stage.

Sujatha is asked to pick one lazy contestant who will be washing everything for one week as part of her Bigg Bomb.  Sujatha chooses Sohel which shocks him because he is the captain.


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