Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 34 Highlights: Gangavva Quits The Show Due To Illness

The weekend episode begins with Nagarjuna dancing on Butta Bomma song.  The episode begins with Bigg Boss waking up all the houseguests from sleep and says, everyone has failed to obey Bigg Boss rules.  Sohel discusses to punish people. Akhil and Monal share a nice moment and laugh it out on all the misunderstandings.  The houseguests get a new task, where everyone has to give one personality trait to each other. From childish to clever, each contestant gets one trait.

The host talks about Akhil and Abhijeet’s nomination situation and says why did they bring Monal name between each other.  Monal says both are at fault as they brought her name in their fight.  Nagarjuna also asks why Akhil isn’t talking to monal, which he says he doesn’t know if he can trust her or not.  Nagarjuna also asks Noel Sean why he nominated Amma Rajasekhar because of Swati.  Noel gives his explanation and says he surely won’t go out of this week.  The host also says Amma Rajasekhar to hear out to people when someone talks to them even if he is angry. Nagarjuna also warns Sohel to not shout at women and respect them.

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Nagarjuna also questions Abhijeet about why he robbed the stars and made the team lose.  The host warns Mehboob about his language in the task.  The day ends with Gangavva quitting the show due to illness, which makes houseguests all teary and sad. Sohel and Akhil are saved from this week’s nomination.


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