Nishabdham Movie Review : Anushka Shetty And Madhavan Shine Bright In This Gripping Thriller

Nishabdham Movie Review : Anushka Shetty And Madhavan Shine Bright In This Gripping Thriller

Nishabdham is one of the biggest multi-lingual movies releasing on OTT platforms directly and it goes unsaid that it comes with a pressure of shouldering the anticipation and excitement levels of the Audiences. The Anushka Shetty and Madhavan starrer Nishabdham is now streaming on Amazon Prime as Originals amidst a lot of expectations.

Many fans, movie buffs and critics opine that watching this movie at the comfort of the home, lazying on the couch or bed does not do justice to the amazingly tuned background score, which is right in it’s own perspective. However, all this becomes null as you finish watching the movie.

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Nishabdham starts off with a flashback episode of a Woodside haunted villa and the atrocious murders of a couple in ’60s and it swiftly moves to the present day, where Anushka Shetty and Madhavan reach the villa in a quest of an old painting. What happens in the villa and how it changes the course of the narrative is something one must watch.  One cannot stop but admire how wonderfully each scene of the movie is treated and director Hemant Madhukar succeeds in this department. This is a class that we rarely see in Telugu cinema.

Anushka is the queen of the movie and her underplayed emotional ride is something one has to applaud. Playing a mute protagonist who is going through an emotional turmoil isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. Anushka manages to shoulder the movie with her nuanced performance by not making it loud and keeps it elegant. Madhavan has been a treat to watch and he nails the role handed to him. With little room to perform, Shalini Pandey and Anjali have kept it real. Subbaraju has a substantial role in the plot and delivers an applaudable performance. We are not giving any spoilers! Michael Madsen’s character character could certainly have had layers but again sometimes one small incident is enough to corrupt our minds and make us criminals.

Lighting each frame aesthetically and very pleasing to the eye makes us drop our jaws at the brilliant cinematography which is Shaneil Deo who has worked on films like Goodachari. Background score by Girissh Gopalakrishnan is a class act and has to be ranked next to the top notch performances in Nishabdham. Production design and the costumes add more life to the beautifully shot visuals. Gopi Sunder renders some soothing melodies for the album of Nishabdham, specially Ninne Ninne which is sung by Sid Sriram.

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With the humungous digital reach of various movies, series and the leisure of consuming content owing to the lockdown, we start comparing everything and not being true to our own cinema.

Do not miss Nishabdham for all the brilliant visuals, terrific sound design and performances by Anushka Shetty and Madhavan. You will not be disappointed!

Nishabdham is now streaming on Amazon Prime as Originals in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

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