Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 25 Highlights: Kumar Sai Is Captain For The Week And Syed Sohel And Amma Rajasekhar Argue

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 25 Highlights: Kumar Sai Is Captain For The Week And Syed Sohel And Amma Rajasekhar Argue

In yesterday’s episode the killer coins task is well underway.  Contestants collected coins and hoarded them while keeping them safe from other contestants who might steal them.  The competition saw some huge arguments and contestants getting minor injuries.  Avinash actually fainted in yesterday’s episode.  Noel, Sohel, Mehboob and other housemates carry him into the medical room. 

Today’s episode begins with Sohel coming to Amma Rajasekhar and apologising for the huge argument which took place between them yesterday.  Amma Rajasekhar calmly explains what Sohel is doing wrong during the task.  Bigg Boss lets everyone know the task should continue without Avinash who is resting.  Sujatha and Ariyana have a verbal spat over a disagreement.  The second level is completed for the Killer Coins game.  A verbal spat ensues between Ariyana and Sujatha and Amma Rajasekhar and Akhil Suresh.  The contestants who lost the second level have to return 50% of their coins.

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Bigg Boss announces the final level will begin in a little while.  The remaining contestants can now try to increase their coins by donating or stealing before the buzzer sounds for signaling the end of the task.  The contestants are asked to come to the garden area with their coins.  Each contestant reads their points and Sujatha has the switch card.  Mehboob says he has 10800 coins.  Bigg Boss says she can use the switch card to exchange her points with anyone she wishes.  Sujatha says she wants to switch with Mehboob since he has the highest points.  Sujatha, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika and Kumar Sai are selected as the contestants for the captaincy task.  

Next morning  Amma Rajasekhar gets angry at Syed Sohel once again saying he gave him a chance.  Syed and Amma Rajasekhar get into a huge verbal argument once again.  Abhijeet supports Amma Rajasekhar’s point of view.  A mud pit is in the garden which has coins inside the mud.  Captaincy task contestants have to search for coins and put it in a bin outside the pit without stepping out.  The contestant with the most points at the end of this task will be declared captain and Sohel is asked to act as a referee.  Kumar Sai is elected the captain for this week.


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