Nag Ashwin Is Tired Of Watching Movies On Streaming Platforms

Nag Ashwin Is Tired Of Watching Movies On Streaming Platforms

The movie industry across India took a very bad hit and is one of the highly impacted industries by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The COVID-19 virus has forced multiple countries to enforce strict lockdowns and India is no exception, with the central government declaring a lockdown on March 24th.  Since the last one month life is slowly inching towards normalcy with bars, sporting events and gyms allowed to resume.  However, movie theaters are still not open and continue to be closed as per the government directives.

Nag Ashwin is tired of watching movies online where one can rewin, pause or forward according to convenience and instead wants to watch movies in a theater.  Nag Ashwin reasons when gyms and bars are allowed to open movie theaters can also open and people can watch movies with their masks.  He says “can’t wait to mask up and watch movies the way they are meant to be watched (sic.)”

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Earlier during the lockdown Nag Ashwin came up with a unique idea that theaters can use to entice customers to come back and watch movies.  Nag Ashwin revealed that theaters can consider serving alcoholic beverages like how theaters in the West do and also said that this was an idea he discussed with Daggubati Suresh and Rana.

Nag Ashwin’s next venture is a movie where he will be directing the powerhouse, Prabhas for Prabhas21 and a web series which would be produced by Rana Daggubati.  Let us know what you think of Nag Ashwin’s thoughts.


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