Swathi Deekshith Is The Latest Wildcard Entry On Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Swathi Deekshith Is The Latest Wildcard Entry On Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

This year’s edition of Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the best seasons to ever air so far considering the viewership and engagement numbers are off the charts and the highest they have been for the show in all these years.  It has only been two weeks but there was a truckload of drama, emotions, fights, arguments and fun.  Surya Kiran and Karate Kalyani have been eliminated so far and we also saw Kumar Sai and Avinash Mukku enter the competition as wildcard entries.

In the short promotional video which was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode, we saw a new contestant making their entry into the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard.  This contestant is none other than Swathi Deekshith and she will be the third wildcard entry into the competition.  Swathi has completed her mandatory quarantine and will be introduced in the show today.  

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Swathi Deekshith came into the limelight after she was crowned as the winner of the 2009 television show Andamaina Bhamalu and later got busy with her modeling career. She shot to fame with her 2014 films Ram Gopal Varma’s Patta Pagalu and Jump Jilani.

Yesterday’s episode saw the end of the humans versus robots task with the robots team winning the task.  Noel is punished for being the least interesting player on the task and four contenders are chosen for captaincy.



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