Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 17 Highlights: Divi Is Kidnapped And Huge Argument Follows

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 17 Highlights: Divi Is Kidnapped And Huge Argument Follows

Yesterday’s episode began with a morning masti task, where Monal teaches rhymes to the houseguests.  Gangavva is disturbed with yesterday’s nomination process, where photos were burnt in the fire.  Avinash entertains everyone by complimenting all women in the BB house.  Bigg Boss gives a game where contestants have to be divided into two teams namely humans and robots.  In this task, all the house necessities will be stopped and in order to get the necessities, humans have to charge the robots.

Today’s episode begins with Abhijeet suggesting they kidnap one member from the human team.  The robots team rehearse their kidnap idea with Devi Nagavalli being the test subject.  Abhijeet walks out and says if the girls from the humans team want to use the restroom they can come inside, use the loo and leave immediately.  This puts the kidnap plan in motion.  Gangavva also volunteers to go out and give a ruse to lure someone inside the house.  Gangavva goes out and sits outside saying she is not feeling sleepy.  Finally Divi gets ready to go into the house to the bathroom and Abhijeet walks behind.  Once Divi is inside the plan is in motion as she is kidnapped by robots.

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The Humans team smell something fishy and everyone wakes up to see what is happening inside the house to Divi.  Divi is successfully kidnapped and this angers the rest of the humans team.  Kumar Sai walks to the door and everyone shouts at him to say open the door to Bigg Boss since only robots can open the door.  Abhijeet comes to the door and walks away angering the humans team once again.  Syed Sohel loses his calm on Kumar Sai and warns him the story will be different if he walks out of the door.  Monal breaks down because she thinks it is her fault Divi went inside the house.  Mehaboob also breaks down because Divi is kidnapped.  However Divi is being treated quite well inside the house.

The robots team sends Divi to the door so her team can look at her and enquire about her well being.  Noel and Abhijeet talk calmly and the latter explains he didn not really have an option.  Noel insists to send Divi out but ABhijeet says Bigg Boss is not opening the door and proves it to Noel.  The door finally opens and the humans team walk in and a huge argument breaks out once again from opposing team mates.

Ariyana sneaks out when the humans team is sleeping in a disguise so she can charge herself but Sohel notices her and tells everyone.  The episode ends with a promo video for tomorrow’s episode.




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