Keeravani Working On #PSPK27 And Raghavendra Rao Projects Post COVID

Keeravani Working On #PSPK27 And Raghavendra Rao Projects Post COVID

M.M. Keeravani has made a full recovery after contacting the COVID-19 virus along with his family. Keeravani even donated his plasma along with his son Kaala Bhairava after recovering from the virus.  Keeravani is now back in action as he returns to work to work on two new projects. Keeravani took to Twitter to share the news that he is currently working on two projects one of which is Krish Jagarlamudi’s #PSPK27 and director K. Raghavendra Rao’s untitled project.

Keeravani was in the limelight when his whole family including his cousin Rajamouli and his family tested positive for COVID-19 virus.  However, Keeravani and his family were asymptomatic and made a full recovery by quarantining themselves at their home.  Keeravani and his son Kaala Bhairava have taken part in a plasma donation programme where they donated the blood plasma which will be used to cure COVID positive patients.  The serum of COVID-19 cured individuals will have virus neutralising antibodies which will act as a passive antibody therapy.  Keeravani said “Just done with voluntary donation of plasma at KIMS along with my son Bhairava.  Feeling good. It felt very normal like in a routine blood donation session. No need to fear at all for participating (sic.)” 

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Keeravani is currently working as the music director for the upcoming Rajamouli directorial Ranam Roudram Rudhiram (RRR.)  Keeravani said he will resume work on composing the music for RRR very soon in his latest tweet.  Raghavendra rao’s project is however unknown as the acclaimed director has not yet made any announcement.


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