Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Day 15 Highlights: Nominees for Week 3 Are Announced

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Day 15 Highlights: Nominees for Week 3 Are Announced

The Bigg Boss 4 heads into its third week and the drama is picking up steam slowly.  The second elimination weekend saw some  fast paced drama as Nagarjuna, the show host said two contestants will be eliminated but in the end the housemates received a breather as Nagarjuna revealed only Karate Kalyani will be eliminated and there are no second eliminated contestants.  This has only added to the pressure in the house right now.

The third weekend begins in earnest as contestants are woken up to Muqabla song.  The contestants sit down and reflect on the elimination weekend and the votes.  Ariyana has a problem with the way  food is left lying around by the contestants who are looking after the kitchen.  Akhil has an issue with the way Ariyana is talking to them in the kitchen.  Abhijeeth is nominated as the ration manager for the week unanimously for the third week.

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Bigg Boss warns everyone that they should give a valid reason for nominating someone going forward and says no one can nominate Noel since he is the captain.  Devi Nagavalli is already nominated by kalyani and so even she is not to be nominated by any of the contestants.  Since Noel is the captain, Bigg Boss grants him the responsibility of choosing one contestant whom he would like to nominate for elimination and give reasons for the nomination.  Noel chooses Lasya for the nomination and tells Lasya she tries to intervene without warrant and reason.  Lasya is also out of bounds for the rest of the contestants to nominate for the week.

The nominations begin and drama ensues between Akhil and Kumar Sai, Syed Sohel and Kumar Sai, Mehaboob and Ariyana, Sujatha and Harika.  The nominees for this week are Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar Sai, Mehaboob, Monal and Harika.


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