Crrush: Teaser Of Ravi Babu’s Adult Comedy Is Out Now

Crrush: Teaser Of Ravi Babu’s Adult Comedy Is Out Now

Ravi Babu is an actor as well as a director and is known for directing some thrilling movies which have gone on to become blockbusters.  Some of his famous works as a director include Allari, Nachavule, Amaravati and Avunu.  Ravi Babu is back to don the director’s hat with Crrush, an adult comedy movie.

The teaser of the adult comedy was released on social media and it shows three young guys who explore their sexuality in a bid to visit the United States Of America.  The voice over for the teaser was provided by Ravi Babu himself and is easy to notice.  Incidentally Crrush is the first movie to commence shooting in its genre.  Watch the teaser here.

Speaking to a media house Ravi Babu said, “It is not easy to shoot a film with the current Covid-19 guidelines. Luckily, we completed shooting for the romantic and intimate scenes before the pandemic. However, we still had a few more scenes left to shoot. It’s a tough time for filmmakers, especially when we shoot songs. Usually a large crew is required to shoot songs and we had to figure a way around it (sic.)”

Abhay Simha, Krishna Burugula, Charan Sai, Ankita Manoj, Parree, Pande, Sri Sudha Reddy are appearing as the main cast in Crrush.  Ravi Babu himself is producing as well as directing the movie.


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