Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 4 Highlights: Gangavva Makes Fun Of Houseguests And The Second Stage Of Kattappa Task Begins

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 finally took off to an interesting start with drama and emotions flying high right from day 1.  We have seen houseguest argue, cry and share their deepest stories.  We at Telugu Filmnagar bring to you the highlights of day 4 in this article today.  Day 4 starts with Bigg Boss giving a task to Divi Vadthya.  Bigg Boss asks her to say one thing about each contestant, which she wants them to change.  She says one bad quality about each contestant except Amma Rajasekhar.  She compliments Amma Rajasehar and calls him the best entertainer in the house.

Bigg Boss calls Ariyana Glory and Syed Sohel to the confession room and orders them to ask each houseguest of whom they think is Kattappa among them.  Few houseguests protest to answer to Ariyana and Sohel, while others like Surya Kiran, Mehboob Shaikh, Devi Nagavelli, Amma Rajasekhar and Gangavva reveal their answers.

In the afternoon, houseguests have fun moments with a big laugh as Gangavva makes sarcastic comments on everyone and Noel raps about Bigg Boss and Nagarjuna to entertain everyone.

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In the evening, Bigg Boss gives the second stage of the Kattappa task, which is to make tomato pulp with the right quantity and quality to complete the task successfully.  The task begins with the blue, orange and yellow teams snatching the tomatoes and bottles. The real drama and fun of the Kattappa task starts tomorrow.


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