Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 3 Highlights: Abhijeet And Syed Sohail Argue, Akhil Sarthak Cries

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 3 Highlights: Abhijeet And Syed Sohail Argue, Akhil Sarthak Cries

Bigg Boss season 4 finally took off to an interesting start with drama and emotions flying high right from day 1.  We have seen Monal Gajjar and Gangavva breaking down and a huge fight between Sujatha and Karate Kalyani.  A verbal argument took place over the phone call yesterday between Ariyana Glory and Noel Sean regarding lunch and dinner.

We at Telugu Filmnagar bring to you the highlights of day 3 in this article today.  Syed Sohail and Ariyana walk into the Bigg Boss house and introduce themselves to the rest of the contestants.  Ariyana and Syed Sohail sit down with the contestants and try to explain what happened after the argument from yesterday and because they have not eaten any food.  Noel tries to calmly explain perspectives but tempers flare between Abhijeet and Syed because Abhijeet thinks the way Syed handles things is wrong and is full of attitude.

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Ariyana asks someone to feed her as she cannot eat it herself.  The contestants feel it is a task but Ariyana insists it is not to which Kalyani and Akhil volunteer to feed her food.  Housemates are wary as Noel thinks feeding her might be a task and asks the rest of the 14 housemates not to feed but Akhil feeds Ariyana.  Rest of the contestants grill Akhil for his decision to feed Ariyana following which tempers flare once again and Akhil ends up crying saying he did it out of goodness of heart.

Syed confesses to Abhijeet and Noel that it was a task to provoke everyone in the house.  The following morning Akhil and Ariyana have a talk and Akhil remarks he might have unintentionally become Katappa.  The episode ends with a promo for the next day.




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