Exclusive! Sudheer Babu Talks About Superstars Mahesh Babu And Krishna’s Reactions On V Movie

Exclusive! Sudheer Babu Talks About Superstars Mahesh Babu And Krishna’s Reactions On V Movie

V movie is finally getting its worldwide premiere on the digital streaming platform Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.  We at Telugu Filmnagar caught up in an exclusive interview with the protagonist of V, Sudheer Babu to talk about how his family members Mahesh Babu and father- in-law Superstar Krishna reacted to the movie. 

Read more to find out about the interview below.

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1) What was Mahesh Babu’s reaction to V?

He normally likes watching films on the first day and has watched all my films that way.  I am also looking forward to his response.After watching the trailer he (Mahesh Babu) mentioned the action sequences are good and he could see there was something different about them.

2) How was Superstar Krishna’s reaction to V?

Krishna garu used to tell me that I will get an action image.  He knows if the film is being promoted well or not and he gets to know that not by watching what is happening but has a knack to find out.  I am looking forward to his reaction and Ashok (Galla) and all loved the trailer.

3) Any note to the audience about V?

I would say not very often you would get to see a film like V.  I can assure a fresh experience to the audience.  My only advice would be to watch the movie at one stretch.

4) What are your thoughts on the direct OTT release?

V is an action film and obviously an action film is best enjoyed on a big screen.  We live in difficult times and we have to take the best step possible but I would say after signing with Amazon Prime Video we realised that this (OTT) is also a very good option like this movie is going to be released in 200 countries and territories.  I think if we did a direct theatrical release we could have an outreach of maybe 5 or 6 countries.  Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and I would say at this moment OTT is the best option.  I also think if OTT and theaters can co exist, it is good for cinema.

5) Do you miss all the hungama surrounding releases?

That is the one thing I really miss because in general on the first day first show, sitting in the theater and observing the reactions of other people is the main reason I came into films.  I want to experience those first day first show moments with people I really do not know.  

6) What are your thoughts on reviews on release dates?

Maybe to a certain extent an average film can be pushed to below average or an average movie can be made into a superhit film.  But in the long run people will come to know if the reviews are biased or true to the film.  I also think reviews will help an actor in a way to grow by working on the flaws pointed out in the reviews.

We at Telugu Filmnagar are excited to watch the movie tomorrow.  Let us know in the comments if you are excited to watch the movie as well!  V is directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti and stars Sudheer Babu, nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari as the main characters.


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