Exclusive! Sudheer Babu Opens Up About V Movie And Teaming Up With Mohan Krishna Once Again

Exclusive! Sudheer Babu Opens Up About V Movie And Teaming Up With Mohan Krishna Once Again

V is one of the biggest and highly anticipated Tollywood movies which is premiering on digital streaming platform Amazon Prime Video for viewing worldwide.  V, which was supposed to be released way back in April had to be put on hold since the last few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown which shut down movie theaters.  However, Dil Raju and the V movie team have finally decided to opt for an over the top (OTT) release on Amazon Prime, thereby making the movie one of the biggest online releases for this year. 

We at Telugu Filmnagar caught up with the lead actor and protagonist for the V movie, Sudheer Babu in an exclusive interview where he talks about the movie and teaming up with director Mohan Krishna Indraganti once again.  Read more about the exciting interview below.

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1) What drives you to stay fit?

Fitness has always been my lifestyle.  My mother instilled in me a seed when I was a child that I should always look good and be the best version of me.  I still remember when we were kids, we used to visit houses on our small street and gave sweets for every festival.  We had to get dressed and look our absolute best and it stuck with me.  I was always fit even before I got into acting.  As an actor you have to physically feel good because that translates into a healthier mental well being which in turn translates to a performance which is a couple of notches higher.  As an actor you are subjected to extreme conditions when we have to shoot outdoors, and whatever fitness regime I follow, it is to help me as an actor and not just for doing action movies.  

2) How important is fitness of stamina for an actor?

Both of them are equally important for an actor, you gotta be muscular and at the same time have an equal capacity for good cardiovascular fitness.  Both of them should go hand in hand  because there is no point having big muscles when you cannot lift your hand above  your head fully.  Having agility and strength will easily reflect on the screen movements and can be noticed quite easily.

3) What convinced you to do V?

The script and my director Indraganti garu handling this project and Dil Raju garu producing it, the star studded cast.  I could not say no once I heard the script and even though the movie falls in the genre of action, it is all meaningful action.  V movie is a conflict between two important characters both of whom are highly motivated, storing and who go to any extent to achieve what they believe in.  

4) Were you surprised when Mohan Krishna Indraganti narrated an action script?

I did not actually expect him (Mohan Krishna) to narrate an action genre to me but after he narrated it I never had any doubts.  I was excited and curious to know how this film will shape up because I knew Indraganti can handle anything.  I know he (Mohan Krishna) had an all round knowledge about filmmaking and so once he narrated the script to me I was super confident.

5) All four (Nani, Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao) of you worked with the director earlier.  Did that help with working on V?

First and foremost I do not think this project was set up because Nani, me, Nivetha or Aditi are known and we make a huge sound because we get all these combinations together.  The main reason the casting happened is because of the script and the script chose all the characters.  It is obviously very easy to work when you get good actors.  That being said, working with Indraganti garu was easier because all of us know his working style.  Working for the second time was easier and comfortable, no tension and pressures at all for all the actors.

6) V seems to be action packed, what is in store in the movie?

I would say what you have watched so far is just a scratch on the surface because there is a lot more and at the same time the stunts were quite meaningful without any wasted movements.  There was more emphasis on the skill part rather than using ropes in the stunts.  I would say the movie is more of a drama which is well supported by action sequences. 

7) Aditi’s role has not been revealed in the trailer. Any reason?

She has a very important role in the movie and you can say we consciously avoided showing her in the trailer.  Once you watch the movie, you will know it was a good decision to not show her in the trailer.

We at Telugu Filmnagar are excited about V and cannot wait to watch the movie over the weekend!

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