#Wayback Wednesday: When The Most Handsome Actors Of Tollywood Were Captured Together In One Frame

Today, we will reminisce about the happy memories of Mahesh Babu’s popular film Yuvaraju, which was released on 14 April 2000.  It has been 20 years since the film was released and  Mahesh Babu still manages to charm the Telugu audience with his stylish looks and stunning performances. 

Yuvaraju was directed by popular director Y.V.S. Chowdary and featured beautiful actresses Sakshi Sivanand and Simran, in the lead roles.  Here are a few pictures we chanced upon to make your Wednesday all happy, a star studded picture of top actors of the Telugu film industry.

These star studded pictures show few of the talented and top actors of Tollywood from the launch ceremony of Yuvaraju.  The first picture shows Mahesh Babu posing for the camera along with Venkatesh, Nagarjuna and Director Y.V.S. Chowdary.  Venkatesh and Nagarjuna are seen all stylish and handsome in aviators, casual jeans and t-shirts, while Mahesh Babu looks extremely cute in a red kurta and tika on his forehead.  Aren’t they all stylish just as now?

The second picture shows Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu in one frame, which is a dream of many Telugu audience to watch them together.  Pawan donned a formal look with a tie and the tucked shirt while Mahesh is seen wearing a long maroon t-shirt and denim.  They look so cute and innocent, isn’t it?

Yuvaraju tells a story about two classmates, Srinivas ( Mahesh Babu) and Srivalli (Simran,) who fall in love with each other.  However, their fate takes a turn when Srilata (Sakshi Sivanand,) who has known Srinivas for a few years, arrives at their engagement ceremony.

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We hope these pictures made your day!  Do comment down below and let us know what you think about the pictures?



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