Police Identify 4 Suspects Who Trespassed On Mohan Babu’s Farmhouse

Police Identify 4 Suspects Who Trespassed On Mohan Babu's Farmhouse

Veteran Tollywood actor Mohan Babu’s Manchu Township farmhouse was allegedly trespassed by four young boys the day before yesterday.  The Hyderabad police have arrested four suspects who allegedly trespassed on to the farmhouse.  After the incident took place, Mohan Babu registered a complaint at the Pahadi Sharif police station.  The actor also provided CCTV footage to the police which helped in apprehending the miscreants.

Four youths entered the farmhouse in an Innova car, the number plate for which was captured on the CCTV camera.   A few hours after the complaint was registered, the police arrested four individuals who have now been identified as Raghavendra, Anand, David and Gautam.  The four culprits are residents of Durga Nagar of Mailardevpally.  The miscreants also allegedly threatened the security guard when they were confronted and apparently screamed “we won’t spare you (sic.)”

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The cops are investigating whether the four suspects acted in this manner at the behest of someone else.  However, the parents of the suspects claim they are innocent.  The parents also claim the four friends were out having fun as it was Bakrid and were near their homes till evening and the four don’t have a criminal past either.  It is also being ascertained whether the threat was made in jest, or if it was a serious threat.  The police have also added, the vehicle used by the youngmen was also seized.  


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