Wayback Wednesday: THIS Picture Of Venkatesh Daggubati And Katrina Kaif From Malliswari Will Remind You Of Happy 2000s

We all know  Katrina Kaif is one of the most popular actresses in the Bollywood film industry.   Did you know that she also acted in a Telugu film with a popular actor and noted production banner?

During the initial stage of her career, Katrina Kaif also looked for offers in the South filmy world and she bagged a huge one in 2004 opposite Vennaktesh Daggubati.  This romantic comedy drama was titled as Malliswari.  Today, for Wayback Wednesday, let’s go back and get our hands on Venkatesh’s and Katrina’s picture from the film.

In the wayback photo, Katrina Kaif can be seen posing for the camera with co actor Venkatesh Daggubati.  She is seen wearing a black top and flared palazzo bottom with a black bindi while Venkatesh is seen in all denim shirt and jeans.  Seeing this picture after so many years reminds us of their amazing chemistry in the film, the innocent woman Katrina and a funny man Venkatesh.  The film was filled with hilarious moments with a pinch of romance every now and then to make your heart skip. 

The romantic drama Malliswari is considered one of the classic evergreen movies of Tollywood.  The hilarious comedy by Venky and the glamourous treat offered by the Hong Kong born bombshell Katrina Kaif, is still loved by the Telugu audience even after 20 years.  Here is another interesting fact about the film, to get Katrina Kaif on the board for the film, D. Rama Naidu the father of Venkatesh and the producer of Malliswari, paid a whopping amount of Rs. 70 lakh.  Making Katrina the highest paid South actress at that time.

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Sharing a memory of Malliswari at a promotional event in Vizag, Venkatesh said earlier in an interview, “Coming to Vizag feels like coming back home.  The beach and mountains are nostalgic.  I and Katrina Kaif walked down this beach eating ice cream for Malliswari (sic.)”

Malliswari was directed by Vijay K. Bhaskar.  The film tells the story of a wealthy heiress who falls in love with a banker.  Malliswari was dubbed into Malayalam and Hindi and released as Malliswari: The Princess and Chand Sa Roshan, respectively.



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