EXCLUSIVE! Ritu Varma: I Want To Do Something Different With Each Film

EXCLUSIVE! Ritu Varma: I Want To Do Something Different With Each Film

Ritu Varma needs no introduction.  She became the name of every household post the success of Pelli Choopulu which also starred Vijay Deverakonda in the other lead role.  Ritu Varma is one such actress who has been treading uncharted territories when it comes to roles in Telugu and Tamil.  From a regular young engineering girl to Miss Hyderabad to popular actress, Ritu Varma paved a path for herself in the South Indian film industry.

In an exclusive chat with Telugu Filmnagar, Ritu Varma speaks about the success of Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante and about her upcoming films while also answering a few fun questions.  Check it out here:

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Your last film was Keshava in 2017 and then Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante in 2020.  Was the gap a decisive one?

Honestly, it’s not intentional.  No actor wants to take huge gaps between films but that’s how it ended up being.  Post Pelli Choopulu, I expected a lot of offers coming my way, something that would interest me but unfortunately nothing such really happened.  I did some interesting films in Tamil but unfortunately, they got delayed too.

The ending of last year was pretty good because I ended up signing up for films back to back.  I have one film with Sharwanand,  I ended up signing Tuck Jagdish and then a film with Naga Shaurya happened, and another film with Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra.  So, I think it’s all about timing probably but it was not intentional at all.

This year I thought it would be a good year as I have four releases but yeah, again this pandemic happened.  All our plans have changed, I was so excited as this is the first time, I had four back to back to back releases.  It started off as a good year but this pandemic happened. Can’t help though but hope it ends as a good year for all of us.


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Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante became a superhit in South India.  The film was later released in countries like Dubai and the UAE.  How did it feel to receive love from the international audience?

It feels great, it feels surreal. I think it’s all because of the fanbase of Dulquer Salmaan, like he has fans all over the world.  So, in that way, the film got a lot of exposure and even though we didn’t promote the film aggressively, it is word of mouth which helped our film.  So it feels really great that though our film didn’t run in theatres long due to lockdown, it was released on OTT platforms and again a lot of people watched the film.  Even now we keep getting a lot of updates about the film saying it is re-releasing in France, Dubai and one of our songs from the film has crossed 12 Million views. It all feels great receiving love from everyone.

Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante team all keep in contact with each other and we also keep making plans that once the lockdown is over, we shall party together and celebrate the films. Our film went through a lot of ups and downs but in the end, it has worked well.


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When the first poster of the Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante was released, everyone thought it was a romantic comedy film but your role totally surprised everyone.

The director and team’s idea was to keep my character as a total surprise.  When my friends and family watched the film’s climax, they were all shouting and were over the top seeing my character take over the film.  My character in the film totally surprised everyone.

Yeah, I learned to ride the bike for the film.  I didn’t know how to ride the bike and it was a Royal Enfield so damn heavy but with Dulquer Salmaan’s help, I pulled it off.


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Pelli Choopulu gave you fame overnight and then you worked with the top stars like Vikram, Dulquer Salmaan, Nani.  How did that transformation phase feel?

It actually feels surreal sometimes because I never thought of getting into films but I’m a huge movie buff and working with them is like a dream come true.  With each film, I have learned more and I can say I’m a much more confident actress now.  Initially, I had no idea how the industry works, I didn’t even know the concept of actors having a manager or anything like that, whatever it is, I learnt it on my own.

Each film grew me into a better actress and it shall continue till the end. I will keep getting better and better, never going to stop.  Each and every person such as Gautham Menon, Vikram and Dulquer Salmaan has made me a better actor.

Your role in the previous film surprised everyone.  What can the audience expect from your upcoming films?

Yes, with every film I want to do something different, every film I want to try different characters. Even the films I’m doing right now, the characters are very different from each other.  So hopefully, I will continue to entertain people with interesting characters in the film.


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 One useful and useless app that you have on your phone right now?

Right now, the most useful app I have is called Daily Yoga. I wanted to start doing yoga and I’m really enjoying it now.  Useless app, it must say Candy Crush.  I don’t really play games much. 

Describe your lockdown days in three words.

Necessary, life changing and connecting.  This lockdown has brought back the artist in me, I have been painting and drawing a lot. 

Connecting too I guess, connecting with ourselves, family and friends. This lockdown has taught us to value all our things, relationships and everything.  We are now grateful even for the smallest things.

One actor or actress, who inspires you the most?

Alia Bhatt, I really like her work and her choice of films are really good.  And yeah, Meryl Streep too.

To be an actress in this film industry, you have to look perfect and fit every day.  Do you think sometimes it is too much pressure to handle?

Of course, there is a lot of pressure.  I think it all depends on you, if you let it get to you, it can feel like pressure.  We are in an industry where looks matter a lot, you have to look and be in a certain way to survive in this industry.  But at the end of the day, it all depends on you, if you take it into your head then it definitely feels like pressure.  

If you ever get a chance to feature in a biopic, who would be your pick?

One of the yesteryear actresses I guess.  Someone like Madhubala but I think it would be like a lot of pressure to justify the character.

If life granted you one wish, what would it be and why?

I wish to get many more wishes.  As humans, we are very greedy so one wish into many wishes.

One film or series, you can watch any day and never be bored with it?

I’m a big fan of the Home Alone series, during my growing up days.  Home Alone 2 is my most favourite film, I can watch it anyway and never feel bored.  Also, we have this sort of tradition every year during Christmas that my sister and I sit and watch the film. 

We wish Ritu Varma entertains the audience with more interesting characters in all upcoming films. 


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