Trivia: Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Chiranjeevi Starrer Gharana Mogudu?

Trivia: Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Chiranjeevi Starrer Gharana Mogudu

Gharana Mogudu was one of Tollywood’s greatest hits and it starred the Megastar Chiranjeevi and the beautiful Nagma, in the lead roles.  The movie which released in 1992 was made on a budget of Rs. 3 crores, went to break box office records and ended up collecting over Rs. 10 crores, making it the first Telugu film to collect Rs. 10 crores at the time.  Gharana Mogudu is one of the biggest hits and an important feather in the cap for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s career.  The songs Bangaru Kodi Petta and Pandu Pandu Pandu, are from Gharana Mogudu, and are enjoyed by movie aficionados even to this day.

While Gharana Mogudu is a one of its kind of cinema, there is some very interesting trivia behind the movie.  An interesting trivia about Gharana Mogudu is that it was actually a remake of the Kannada movie Anuraga Aralithu.  Incidentally, Gharana Mogudu was also dubbed in Malayalam and was released as Aye Hero.  There is a scene in the movie where Nagma had to slap Chiranjeevi and the directors contemplated a lot as to if that could be avoided fearing backlash from fans of Megastar.  Chiranjeevi and the director, Raghavendra Rao agreed the situation demanded the scene to be included in the movie for an impactful storytelling.

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The climax sequence in Gharana Mogudu shows Chiranjeevi rescuing his colleagues from a burning factory.  It may surprise a lot of people to know Chiranjeevi himself did these risky scenes involving fire in most of the scenes.  Famous music composer M.M. Keeravani provided background music for Gharana Mogudu, and he was able to come up with the entire background music in just four days.

We are sure these interesting pieces of trivia would motivate our readers to once again rewatch Gharana Mogudu.   Let us know if you know of any other interesting trivia about Gharana Mogudu.


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