#GreenIndiaChallenge: Sharwanand Takes Up The Challenge And Plants Sapling

#GreenIndiaChallenge: Sharwanand Takes Up The Challenge And Plants Sapling

#GreenIndiaChallenge was an initiative which was begun by the Member of Parliament (MP) Mr. Santosh Kumar Joginpally.  People taking up the challenge are required to plant a sapling and nurture it till it grows into a plant or a tree.  Many Tollywood celebrities took the challenge and planted saplings and some of the celebrities include Brahmanandam, Prabhas and Udaya Bhanu.

The latest Tollywood star to take up the #GreenIndiaChallenge is the talented young actor Sharwanand.  The Jaanu star planted a sapling in the presence of the MP, Mr. Santosh Kumar Joginpally, in a park near his residence.  Moreover, Sharwanand revealed he would be adopting the park owned by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC,) which is near his residence.  Sharwanand also urged the public to take up the challenge and plant saplings to increase the green cover as well as challenged his friends to take up the #GreenIndiaChallenge.

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Prabhas also took part in the same  #GreenIndiaChallenge as he planted saplings in the presence of MP Mr. Santosh Kumar Joginpally.  Prabhas expressed his willingness to adopt a forest in the state and was visibly excited at the prospect.  This was after Mr. Santosh Kumar revealed he adopted the Keesara Forest in Telangana.

On the professional front, Sharwanand meanwhile has been steadily building up his reputation as a bankable actor and has recently starred in Jaanu, a Telugu remake of the superhit Tamil movie ‘96.  Sharwanand is currently working on two projects namely Sreekaram and Keeravani.


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