George Reddy Director Alleges Regional Bias In Tollywood

George Reddy Director Alleges Regional Bias In Tollywood

George Reddy was a biopic which was about the life of Osmania University student leader George Reddy.  The movie, directed by Jeevan Reddy aimed to showcase the life of George Reddy, from his joining into Osmania University to how he was able to become a student leader and usher in a new era of student politics.  George Reddy was a dynamic leader and championed the fight against social discrimination.

George Reddy was however slain on the Osmania University campus by unknown persons and his demise sparked a huge outrage in multiple national and state universities across India.  Protests were led by student parties on campuses calling for government investigations into finding the killers of George Reddy.  

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George Reddy was able to garner a lot of interest and critics praised directorJeevan Reddy for his excellent portrayal of the life of the student leader.  However Jeevan Reddy alleges that Tollywood is biased towards him on the basis of regionalism.  This statement comes after the fact Jeevan Reddy received an offer from Bollywood to direct a lavish period saga.  Jeevan Reddy said he did not receive a single offer from Tollywood even after George Reddy was praised by the audience and critics alike.  Jeevan exclaimed “Perhaps, they (Bollywood) judged my talent on merits and not by my place of birth (sic.)”

George Reddy starred Sandeep Madhav as the titular character while Muskaan Khubchandani and Abhay Bethiganti essayed supporting roles.  George Reddy was produced by Appi Reddy while Suresh Bobbili composed the songs and Harshavardhan Rameshwar composed the background score.


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