PV3: Prasanth Varma Begins Shooting For Movie Based On Coronavirus

PV3: Prasanth Varma Begins Shooting For Movie Based On Coronavirus

Prasanth Varma is a new generation director who shot to fame with the critically acclaimed Awe! The movie script was completely different from the usual movies Tollywood churns out and it addresses mental health and multiple personality disorder.  The movie with its ensemble cast managed to captivate audiences and sensitize the public about mental health disorders and how they need to be taken seriously.   A sequel for Awe! Was announced recently after Prasanth Varma said it was hard to find a producer to back the sequel, following which he got a production offer.

Prasanth Varma is back once again with another script which is a new concept and one which may resonate well with the Telugu audiences.  The movie is reportedly based on the current Coronavirus pandemic which is spreading very rapidly all over the world.  A motion poster was released recently shows us a view of Kurnool fort street from the mouth of a predator and people who lost their lives lying in the street.  The regular shooting for PV3 commenced on Tuesday with all safety precautions being followed.  A video released by the filmmakers shows everything on sets including the chairs and other props being disinfected.  All crew members are required to wear gloves and face masks while sanitisers were being distributed.

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Prasanth Varma said the upcoming untitled movie correlates with Coronavirus and showcases how the virus spreads at an alarming rate across the globe and offers a glimpse into the worst case scenario.  Movies on pandemics are not new with Hollywood already making Contagion, and the Malayalam movie Virus which was based on the Nipah virus outbreak.


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