Krishna And His Leela Movie Review: Ravikanth Perepu Skillfully Weaves Emotions In This Feel Good Movie

Krishna And His Leela Movie Review: Ravikanth Perepu Skillfully Weaves Emotions In This Feel Good Movie

A movie based on a slice of life is often prone to losing its plot in a clutter of noise, but Ravikanth Perepu’s Krishna And His Leela, manages to stand out from the regular movies in its genre.   Krishna And His Leela is a feel good movie which manages to make you relate to at least one character in the film.  Krishna And His Leela released directly on the OTT giant, Netflix and is available for streaming for Indian audiences.  Directed by Ravikanth Perepu of Kshanam fame, Krishna And His Leela is a story about how a confused Krishna (Sidhu Jonnalagadda) comes of age and manages to explore himself by enduring an emotional turmoil to stay true to his emotions.   Here is our review of Krishna And His Leela which was released on Netflix.

The Gist:

Krishna is a guy who is on a journey of self discovery as he goes on a solo trip to Leh-Ladakh and reflects on his life decisions.  The movie begins with a flashback of a young Krishna who is still in his Engineering, when his girlfriend Satya breaks up with him, compelling him to spiral out of control.  As Krishna manages to get back on track, he meets Radha, with whom he falls in love and finally manages to get over Satya.  Krishna moves to Bangalore for work while being in a long distance relationship with Radha who is in Vizag.  Krishna meets Ruksaar, his sister’s roommate who becomes his confidante.  It is also in Bangalore where Krishna runs into Satya again which brings his old emotions to the surface.  How Krishna manages to sift through his feelings and at the same time trying to be honest with both Satya and Radha forms the core of the plot.

The High:

There are plenty of things going well for Krishna And His Leela.  Director Ravikanth Perepu manages to skillfully weave his characters and manages to bring the best out of the talent available to him.  The plot runs at a good pace, without losing its track to explore unwanted territories.  Music Composer Sricharan Pakala manages to do an amazing job once again with the background score and songs.  If you are from the city of Visakhapatnam, you might see plenty of familiar places and faces in the movie.  Ravikanth Perepu would manage to make you relate to any of the main characters with the way he explores emotions.

The Low:

Although the movie runs at a good pace with compelling performances from Shraddha Srinath, Shalini Vadnikatti and Seerat Kapoor, there seems to be something amiss in Sidhu Jonnalagadda’s performance.  While Sidhu was spot on in portraying the emotional struggle one would go through with their feelings, his performance while transitioning from a lost Engineering graduate to a working professional could have been shown better.


Krishna And His Leela is a must watch and will definitely resonate with millennials and the younger generation.  Ravikanth Perepu creates a cleverly crafted love story and shows he has the versatility needed to become a good director.  So head over to Netflix and grab some popcorn to go on a feel good ride.


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