Shraddha Srinath Learning Bike Riding Is Literally All Of Us

Shraddha Srinath Learning Bike Riding Is Literally All Of Us

Shraddha Srinath mesmerized the Telugu audience with her performance in Jersey, which shall never be forgotten.  The actress is currently waiting for the release of her upcoming film titled Krishna and his Leela, with Sidhu Jonnalaguda, directed by Ravikanth Perepuhas.  While Shraddha is busy promoting her film on social media, the latest video from behind the scenes of shooting is very hilarious.

Shraddha Srinath took to her Instagram and shared a fun video from the sets of her upcoming film, Krishna and his Leela.  In the video, Shraddha can be seen trying her hands to ride the Royal Enfield bike but failing miserably as she falls down from the bike.  The actress mentioned in the post that as the Royal Enfield bikes are very heavy she couldn’t manage the weight and fell down from the bike and everyone on the set, deep down were worried about the condition of the bike instead of her.  Don’t we all connect to this story? 

The actress also shared the behind story of this miserably failed attempt at riding the  bike, “Are you even a bold female character in an Indian film if you don’t have at least one bike riding shot? 😂 It was June and we were shooting at Nandi Hills.  It was an overcast day and the roads were wet.  @raviperepu casually comes up to me and asks me if I know how to ride a bike and my answer was straight.  “No”, I said to him “but I’ll figure it out”.  And then I took out the bike for a spin, armed with the knowledge of how gear shift works and the act of balancing a two wheeler that I learnt when I was 8 years old.  It was the first time I ever rode a bike and I didn’t think it was very difficult.  I was relieved because I didn’t want the shots to be compromised.  And then during the course of the day, this happened.  Prashanth my assistant then was candidly recording.  Please mind the expletives lol.  Everyone rushed to help me when I fell, but deep down everyone was concerned about the bike getting scratched.  Lol.  Why are royal Enfields so heavy dude.#KrishnaAndHisLeela#StuffTheyDontShowYou#SatyaSatOnABikeSatyaHadAGreatFall#SabChangaHai(sic.)”


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Yesterday, the director gave fans a glimpse into the movie as the introduction video for Satya played by Shraddha Srinath was released.  According to a close source from the film, Krishna and His Leela will be released on an OTT but, the platform and the date of release have not been confirmed yet. 



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