Penguin: Eashvar Karthic Reveals The Dog In Keerthy Suresh Starrer Is His

Penguin: Eashvar Karthic Reveals The Dog In Keerthy Suresh Starrer Is His

Keerthy Suresh essayed a very different character in the mystery thriller Penguin, than the ones to which the audience are familiar. This movie was directed by Eashvar Karthic, who made his debut as a director.  Keerthy Suresh was seen as a pregnant mother who is out to solve the mystery of her missing son in the jungles of Ooty, along with her trusted dog Cyrus.

Cyrus plays a pivotal role in the movie even though he is a dog.  Cyrus is a trained dog capable of following instructions in Penguin as well as being a trusted sidekick to Keerthy Suresh’s character Rhythm.  But in an interesting twist, director Eashvar Karthic revealed, Cyrus is actually his own dog and is named Maddy.  Speaking about Maddy (Cyrus,) Eashvar says “Actually his (Cyrus’) real name is Maddy and he is my own dog!  He knows my body language very well and I understand each and every movement of his (sic.)”  Eashvar also goes on to say “While I was looking for trained dogs for the part for a while, I wasn’t able to find any that I thought worked.  So just before we went on floors for production I just picked Maddy to play Cyrus and he was just brilliant.  He never needed too many instructions, and was such a natural.  He really is a one take artist (sic.)”

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Penguin was directed by Eshvar Karthic who is making his debut as a director with this movie and was produced by Karthik Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Films.  The entire movie was shot in the scenic hills and forests around Ooty and director Eshvar made full use of the natural beauty available to him.  Penguin would also be the first multi-lingual movie to get a direct OTT release in India.

Penguin is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and is the first mainstream movie to release directly on a streaming platform.  So, head over to Amazon Prime and watch Penguin to see Cyrus in action.


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