Not just comedy, a synthesis delivering happiness in our lives

Not just comedy, a synthesis delivering happiness in our lives

When we watch a mainstream Telugu movie, what is that one thing that we relish the most and keep referring to in our daily lives often? Without a second thought, it is the humour quotient and the lines mouthed by actors. Be it Mahesh Babu’s dialogues in Khaleja or mannerisms displayed by Chiranjeevi & Brahmanandam in Mugguru Monagallu, we still keep using them in our daily lives. And in most cases, it is the combination of the lead actor with a comical actor which leaves a long-lasting impression on us. Be it Nagarjuna-Brahmanandam in Hello Brother or Manmadhudu, or Ravi Teja-Sunil in Dubai Seenu, the synthesis of many actors which has etched a mark in our lives for the rest of our lives. Just as the times are getting harder by the day, we look at few combinations of actors in Telugu cinema which have been a source of humour in our lives and keep us entertained.


Be it Mugguru Monagallu or Jai Chiranjeevi, over many years, these two seasoned actors have delivered laughs into our lives with their combination. Hitler, Mugguru Monagallu, Mutha Mestri, Chudalani Vundi, Jai Chiranjeeva, Stalin and the list goes on. Get on to any video-streaming platform and search for their combination scenes, and it will only fill your day with happiness.


When you look at them off screen, they are contrasting personalities! But, when they collaborate for a film, it is unimaginable how these two actors switch modes. King, Manmadhudu, Hello Brother and Allari Alludu are few of the many films in which Nagarjuna and Brahmanandam take comic timing to next level. The humour stays with you for life and it is hard to get it off your thoughts. Such is the impact.

Ravi Teja-Sunil:

It is hard to describe this combo and the reasons are obvious. Both of them started their career from the scratch and are one of the most successful actors today. One is a powerhouse of energy and other one is a master of comical timing. And when you put them togther in front of a camera, you get tons of laughter. Bhadra, Mirapakay, Krishna, Dubai Seenu and Shambo Shiva Shambo are few of the samples which speak volumes of their hilarious combination.


If you ask any Telugu movie buff who is one of the better actors in comedy, most of the answers would be Venkatesh. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav is a testimonial to it. And his scenes with Brahmanandam in this entertainer are undefinable. You look at them in the frame and you end up laughing. Chanti, Namo Venkatesa, Kshana Kshanam and there are many more movies in this list.

Jr NTR-Brahmanandam:

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about this combo is ‘Chary’. The Adhurs combo is till date a reference in many real life conversations amongst Telugu speaking population. Then there is Brindavanam, Baadshah and Simhadri which are the go-to movies of many movie buffs when they are on the lookout for comical scenes.

Mahesh Babu-Sunil:

Words don’t suffice when we need to talk about the comedy timing of Mahesh Babu. And we all know it. In films like Khaleja and Athadu, these two take simple conversations to such hilarious level that it is hard to control your laughter. Who can forget the desert episode in Khaleja where Mahesh and Sunil are only trying to know about each other, but the comedy in it is undefinable.

Pawan Kalyan-Ali:

If you aren’t reading this part with a smile on your face, then you need to watch Kushi! From late 1990s to recent times, Pawan Kalyan and Ali combination was like a benchmark for comedy in Telugu cinema. Badri, Jalsa, Atharintiki Daaredhi, Gabbar Singh, Thammudu and many more, but Kushi tops the list for us. Who can forget the iconic scene between Pawan Kalyan, Ali and Bhoomika.

Although it is the writer and director of a film who deserve the credit for penning such scenes, it is the combination of such actors which are remembered for life and stay with us. Remember, laughter is a therapy!


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