Want to know about The Rana Daggubati-Miheeka Bajaj Wedding? We Have The Dope

Want to know about The Rana Daggubati-Miheeka Bajaj Wedding? We Have The Dope

Rana Daggubati took everyone by surprise when he announced he proposed to his girlfriend Miheeka Bajaj and her acceptance of his proposal.  The news sent the media into a tizzy as they had no idea Rana Daggubati was dating.  Subsequently speculations about when the engagement and marriage would take place began doing the rounds.  A few days after Rana’s announcement, it was reported the families of Rana and Miheeka met together one evening and the media reported it was for the engagement ceremony.  However, Suresh Daggubati, Rana’s father, refuted the reports saying the families met to discuss the engagement.  However, Rana once again took everyone by surprise when he posted pictures of the ‘Roka Ceremony’ confirming that he is engaged to Miheeka Bajaj.

It was later announced Rana and Miheeka would tie the knot on August 8th, 2020 much to the excitement of his fans.  However, it was reported the marriage might be postponed because of the alarming rate at which the COVID-19 cases are rising in India.  A family source however rubbished the reports saying the wedding is scheduled to take place on August 8th and there was no change in the plans.  

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Suresh Daggubati announced the wedding would take place in Hyderabad under the presence of family members of both the bride and groom.  Suresh Babu also stressed the wedding would take place by strictly adhering to the social distancing guidelines laid down by the government.  Speaking about his relationship with Miheeka during an Instagram live video Rana said “I think I found the strangest time to get married.  I reconnected with her a couple of months ago and I felt that I can do this long term with her.  Actually, she knew what I was going to ask over the phone.  So, I met her in person and said a bunch of nice things.  She was shocked at first, but was happy (sic.)”

We at Telugu Filmnagar wish for nothing but happiness for the happy couple and their families!


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