Meera Chopra Continues To Be Trolled By Jr NTR Fans 

Meera Chopra Continues To Be Trolled By Jr NTR Fans 

Meera Chopra found herself in a situation where she is mercilessly being trolled and abused by the fans of Jr. NTR, on Twitter.  The whole issue began when Meera said she does not know who Jr. NTR is when asked about him by a fan during an #AskMeera session on Twitter.  Meera’s reply ““I don’t know him. I am not his fan,” was enough to enrage the fans who ganged up against her and hurled abuses and trolled her as well as threatened Meera’s family with acid attacks.

Meera Chopra did not let the abuses slide and she responded by complaining to the cyber crime branch of the Telangana police and provided some of the accounts which have threatened her family.  However, the trolling and abuses did not stop even after complaining to the police and a First Incident Report (FIR) being filed.  Meera has responded back by saying “I just wana say 1 thing, people who are abusing me are lifeless. We have bigger crisis going on with covid, people are dying all over the world. and you guys are getting petty pleasure in abusing and threatening just bcoz iam not a fan of ur fav star. Go get a life!!!”

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Meera also tagged the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy urging him to take action on the trolls.  Meera Chopra also tagged Jr. NTR, urging him to talk to his fans but the actor has not responded to any of her requests.  Some members of the film fraternity have come out in support of Meera Chopra and have slammed the fan clubs for their behaviour.


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