Testing times and restless fans! An unexplainable agony of filmmakers

Testing times and restless fans! An unexplainable agony of filmmakers
Coronavirus has changed the dynamics of a lot of businesses across the globe. It’s hard to pick one line of business and say it’s the most affected for the impact is equal and unimaginable. There are few industries who are trying hard to get back up on their feet aftter the government has relaxed few restrictions in the fourth phase of the lockdown. And one such business is cinema. From producers to distributors to exhibitors, every stakeholder is impacted and the range of it cannot be quantified for obvious reasons. While producers have the pressure of heavy interest rates running on the funds they would have borrowed for the film, exhibitors are missing out on the ticket sales since cinema halls are shut. And there are many more such issues that the industry is dealing with.

Amidst all this chaos, there is another pressure on filmmakers – fans and their rising expectations. Many films are at various stages of production and all of them are halted. For eg, the magnum opus Jr NTR-Ram Charan starrer RRR which has completed about 60% of shooting and is waiting to get back on shooting floors. Makers had released a teaser revealing Ram Charan’s character on his birthday. And fans expected a similar thing on Jr NTR’s birthday on May 20. But that didn’t happen and left many fans disappointed. The makers did release a statement saying the lockdown restrictions did not allow them to come up with a special teaser for Jr NTR. That, still, did not change the mood of fans.

Another example is Prabhas’ upcoming film with Radha Krishna Kumar. Fans of the Baahubali star have been storming social media, specially Twitter, and asking for an update from the film. However, the makers seem to be in a tight situation where they are unable to release anything due to the lockdown. As recent as yesterday, fans pooled up and decided to trend a specific hashtag which clearly was intended to abuse and harrass the makers of Prabhas 20. From threats to abuses to demands, the tweets by fans are a mix of everything which are hurled at all parties attached to this untitled project of Prabhas.

All these lead to one question. Is such harsh attitude towards filmmakers justified? This question is only introspective and cannot be thrown by someone to the fans.

These testing times we all are in call for compassion and unfortunately, that lacks at the moment, which is another pressure on directors, producers and parties involved.


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