Producer Suresh Babu: Post-Production Works Only To Sell To OTTs And Not In a Hurry To Reopen Theatres

Producer Suresh Babu: Post-Production Works Only To Sell To OTTs And Not In a Hurry To Reopen Theatres

It is a well-known reality that COVID 19 lockdown affected business to individual lives, everything just stopped for a while. Now, the government of India is trying to ease out certain restrictions so as people can live their lives comfortably even in the lockdown. Amidst several other industries which were affected, one important industry which was and will continue to be affected is the film industry.

While few state governments like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have granted permissions to begin post-production works, nothing about the shooting and reopening of theatres is cited anyway. Appears like it is going to take some time too, cause social distancing is the only way to stop the spread of this pandemic.

 In Telangana, the government has already released a statement that for the next two months, theatres will not be reopened at any cost. It is now being reported that filmmakers in Telugu too have seeked permission to resume post-production works. Producer Suresh Babu says, “We have requested to allow Post-production activities to help Films planning to sell OTT and Satellite Rights. Not in a hurry to open theatres and any attempts to speed up the process might prove counterproductive.”

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Few Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movies have already opted for OTT as the channels are offering a hooping amount to the producers to release their movies directly on OTT channels. However, it is to be waited and watched if big movies will also opt for OTT channels as producer Suresh Babu mentioned that they are in no mood to open theatres for a few months. If noticed considerably, the entire industry, actors, filmmakers and producers and the most important, daily wage cine workers are definitely at the stake due to the pandemic.


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