Alba Flores AKA Nairobi From Money Heist Speaking Fluent Telugu Leaves Fans Amazed At Her Talent

Alba Flores AKA Nairobi From Money Heist Speaking Fluent Telugu Leaves Fans Amazed At Her Talent

Money Heist or La Casa De Papel as it is originally called in Spanish is a wildly popular show on Netflix and is well known for its thrilling and suspenseful plot as well as the amazing acting performances from the main characters.  The series which was purchased by Netflix after the first two seasons now has a total of four seasons.  The fourth season released recently in the month of March and not soon after that Money Heist became one of the trending and the most watched series on Netflix.

The series became a hit because of its main cast with which people are able to connect themselves with the characters.  Out of them, Nairobi is one of the most loved characters who is a central character.  Nairobi is known for her deep sense of friendship, loyalty and her ability to stay true to the purpose of the team even against extraordinary odds.  This character was played by Alba Flores, a spanish actress.

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However, recently fans stumbled upon a video which left everyone amazed.  The video is a clipping of a movie in which Alba Flores plays a character named Shamira and speaks fluent Telugu.  Needless to say, Telugu fans of Money Heist were amazed at this Indian connection and not to mention that the movie was released in 2013.  The clip is from a movie titled Vincente Ferrer and the plot revolves around a Jesuit missionary who visits India to spread the word of God.

Fans began sharing the clip of Alba Flores and it was quickly picked up by popular influencer accounts on social media and quickly became viral.  Nairobi’s character made a departure from Money Heist in the latest season and might be a recurring character in the subsequent seasons.


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