How the market for South Indian movies has changed | TFN Fan Blog

How the market for South Indian movies has changed | TFN Fan Blog

Disclaimer: This piece is written by a follower of Telugu Filmnagar, Vikas Jai as a guest author.

In today’s generation, content is the main lead of every movie. The audience is very much educated today and not only the youngsters, but all age group movie-goers prefer a good content at this point. If a movie stars a Superstar but doesn’t have great content, it will doom at the box office. And right now as we can see, South India has got great content in their movies compared to Bollywood. Every third movie of Bollywood is a remake of a South Indian movie. A Telugu may a business of about 50 to 60 CR in its lifetime. Imagine if people up North could understand Telugu, then the market would easily reach 100 to 150 CR. But today’s generation prefers watching web series and movies which have good storyline. The audience too have started watching movies made in South on OTT platforms as it has gained significant momentum in India, especially up North. Youtubers watch Telugu movies and come up with reviews on their channel appreciating the content which results in higher number of people knowing about a certain movie.

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Many of us South Indians are unaware that Allu Arjun has a mammoth fan following in North India after his DJ movie had a successful run on satellite TV. Audience call him as DJ in many places up North. I’m sure the remake trend of Telugu movies will come to an end very soon! Reason being, when we notice that a star actor’s movie is lined up for release, which is probably, a remake of some South movie, even the audience in North would not appreciate it as they would have already watched it on some OTT platform with subtitles. Times are changing and so are the audiences. And audiences from all over the world are loving the content from TFI!


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