Jersey Actress Shraddha Srinath Breaks Her Silence On Self Quarantine Rumours

Jersey Actress Shraddha Srinath Breaks Her Silence On Self Quarantine Rumours

Shraddha Srinath is a recent actress who is an amazing find, because of her versatility.  Shraddha appeared in films made in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. Shraddha shot to fame when she starred as the leading lady in the superhit movie Jersey, where she starred as Nani’s wife.

Off late there have been rumours floating around that Shraddha did not quarantine herself after going on a trip to Chennai and Hyderabad.  According to those rumours, the actress did not self quarantine herself after the trip as there were suspected positive cases of COVID-19 on one of the flights in which she travelled.  Furthermore, one of the flights even had travellers who have had a history of foreign travel.

But it looks like the rumours have annoyed Shraddha as she finally broke her silence on the matter and posted a clarification on her Twitter.  Shraddha clarifies in her message that she did indeed go into quarantine and that there was no one who tested positive for COVID-19 on the flights.  Additionally, she also clarified that no Karnataka health officials visited her house. She ends the tweet by saying she did not talk about it on her social media.

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The actress hit out against rumor mongers and said that no one should spread misinformation especially in the current scenario. Shraddha Srinath is currently working on projects in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films.  All shooting schedules are however put on hold due to the lockdown imposed by the government.


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