Puri Jagannadh’s Hardhitting Message About Coronavirus Struggles

Puri Jagannadh Hardhitting Message About Coronavirus Struggles

India is currently in a nationwide lockdown on the orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The lockdown is being enforced strictly because of the high rate at which Coronavirus spreads.  When the highly infectious virus reached the Indian subcontinent, Narendra Modi promised that the government will do everything possible in its power to control the virus.  The highly infectious virus manifests itself in the form of a flu and affects the respiratory systems. People with low immunity and older population are at the highest risk from this virus.

With the entire population being in home quarantine, streets have become empty and people are easily getting bored having to stay at home  This boredom is leading to people venturing out on streets which goes against the government orders. The fact that people are doing this seemed to have irked ace director Puri Jagannadh so much that he made a hard hitting video.

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In a video posted on Instagram, Puri Jagannadh began with talking about people having trouble sitting at home during the quarantine period and instead venturing out.  Puri Jagannadh outlines how many of us are privileged because we have a roof over our head and food to eat and spoke about the difficulties of people in the war torn country of Syria.  He spoke about how the African terrorist organisation Boko Haram kidnapped 200 underage girls and how they were exploited for years. Finally he talks about the poor people in cities, who live under flyovers and sidewalks.  The daily wage workers are migrating in thousands to cross states in order to go to their hometown due to lack of work even though it is highly risky to do so.


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Puri Jagannadh finishes the video by mentioning the lockdown may get extended even after April 14th, which is the last day of the 21 day lockdown.  Puri Jagannadh is currently filming a pan Indian film titled Fighter, which will have Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey as the leads.


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