Pawan Kalyan Urges Public To Follow Prime Minister Modi’s Janta Curfew- Watch Now!

Pawan Kalyan Urges Public To Follow Prime Minister Modi Janta Curfew - Watch Now!

The Coronavirus pandemic has reached Indian borders with more and more positive cases popping up.  The government is doing all it can to control the spread of the pandemic before it becomes difficult to control it.  This is also partly because of the fact that there is no cure for the virus right now and also with a population of 1.3 billion, India is severely under equipped to combat the virus if it begins spreading at an exponential rate.

On the evening of March 19th, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi addressed the nation regarding the current situation of Coronavirus.  The prime minister advised the country to follow a curfew from 7 AM to 9 PM on Sunday which falls on March 22nd, 2020. It is important to follow this curfew as social distancing is currently the only effective way to reduce the spread of the virus.  This will also give the government a little more time to prepare infrastructure to handle the virus.

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Once the Prime Minister finished addressing the nation, various celebrities have taken to social media platforms to spread awareness about the janta curfew.  Actor-politician Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is the latest actor to spread awareness about the janta curfew. Pawan Kalyan repeated the Prime Minister’s message and advised his fans to follow the janta curfew and to celebrate the healthcare professionals and doctors who are at the frontlines trying to battle the Coronavirus.  The Prime Minister asked the nation to clap and make noise at 5 PM on sunday to celebrate the professionals and workers who are ensuring the nation is not affected. 

It is important to follow the Prime Minister’s advice on the janta curfew in order to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.  We at Telugu Filmnagar sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and follows all the guidelines laid down by the government.


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