Aswathama Promotions – Mehreen Pirzada Breaks Her Silence On Hotel Bills

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Mehreen Kaur Pirzada, who was last seen in the movie Aswathama found herself in the middle of events of which she did not want any part .  Since a few days, Mehreen Pirzada’s name was associated with news about her not showing up to a promotional event for Aswathama and leaving Hyderabad without paying the bills for the hotel in which she was accommodated .

The whole issue popped up when Mehreen was unable to be present at a promotional event organised by Shakar Prasad of IRA Productions, the production house behind Aswathama.  The filmmakers planned a special interview with veteran director K. Raghavendra Rao for which Mehreen Pirzada was unable to attend due to skin allergies.

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 Mehreen Pirzada finally broke her silence on the whole issue and issued a statement.   Mehreen said she cannot stay silent anymore given that her reputation is being dragged through the mud.  Mehreen went to visit her family in Punjab post the Sankranthi promotions, a few days before the theatrical release of  Aswathama, because her maternal grandfather suffered a stroke which required a stent operation.  Upon returning to Hyderabad, a rash broke out on Mehreen’s face due to which she was forced to skip a promotional activity and the same information was relayed to the producers along with proof of doctors prescription.  Mehreen feels the producers of Aswathama were irked due to this and refused to settle her hotel bills, following which Mehreen Pirzada settled it out of her own pocket along with the dues of her team.  Mehreen believes the events that transpired later was an attempt to tarnish her reputation. Mehreen concluded by saying she never had any issues with any production houses she worked with before.  Mehreen finally thanks the creators and producers of Aswathama and wished them luck in their future endeavours.


Aswathama, was directed by Ramana Teja and stars Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada as the leads.



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