Nishabdham Makers Experience Scary Moments Due To Michael Madsen

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The cast and crew of the upcoming multilingual film Nishabdham found themselves in a situation that looks like it is straight out of a thriller movie.  The cast and crew were in Seattle, U.S., to film sequences for the film and that’s when the whole drama unfolded.

Hollywood star Michael Madsen is a part of Nishabdham and plays a vital role in the movie.  Madsen went missing for a few days after he missed turning up on the sets for his shooting schedule.  The crew found themselves caught unawares when the Species actor failed to turn up for the shoot.

Michael Madsen, who received a day’s break during the shooting schedule, did not show up on the sets after the holiday.  The filmmakers tried to reach him but to no avail. Michael Madsen’s manager had no clue as to his whereabouts either.

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The crew of Nishabdham was on a tight schedule, having even booked their flight tickets back to India in advance.  This unforeseen hurdle forced the producers to hire a private detective to track Michael Madsen, as per reports.

The detective traced the actor to a hotel in Canada and alerted the hotel authorities.  The hotel management reportedly tried to get Michael Madsen to open the door for three days, but the actor did not do so.  The detective finally managed to speak to Michael Madsen and convince him to open the door and return to the sets.

The whole incident, which got the filmmakers on edge, finally came to an end and producer Kona Venkat reportedly remarked, “All’s well that ends well.”  He termed the incident as unfortunate. The private detective was reportedly paid a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs to trace Michael Madsen, but the filmmakers feel it was worth it due to Michael Madsen’s acting prowess.

Nishabdham stars Anushka Shetty and Madhavan in the lead roles and is directed by Hemant Madhukar.  This film is jointly produced by T.G. Vishwa Prasad, Vivek Kuchibhotla and Kona Venkat. Nishabdham is slated to be released worldwide on April 2nd, 2020.



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