Jaanu Movie Review – Sharwanand And Samantha Akkineni Shine Brightly In This Romantic Tale

Once in a while, you come across a film which makes you laugh, cry, feel happy and travel with the characters.  When this happens, it stays with you for a very long time. Jaanu is one such movie, without any second thoughts!

A story about two childhood sweethearts, Jaanu talks about how your first love is always special and how it has an impact on your life at every level.  Although a bit heavy on emotions, Jaanu is almost a perfect mixture of happiness, nostalgia, sadness and many more emotions a human being can experience.  The story is simple — two childhood sweethearts meet again after 17 years at a school reunion and take the nostalgic path, but why is it so special?  Let us look at it here:

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Not often are films like Jaanu made, which are realistic, poetic and have the right balance of cinematic feel.  While the story seems to be very relatable, it is the detailing which makes you travel with it.  We have to admit we have all had a tryst with romance at some stage, which still runs in our thoughts at some point in time.  It is this element which writer-director Prem Kumar highlights in Jaanu with numerous moments. 

Cinema is all about the viewing experience and how engaging the story is and Jaanu checkmarks all these points, leaving us with a nostalgic feeling.   There is one scene where Jaanu asks Ram how far he has gone and he replies he is still at the point where she left him.  It is these kinds of touching moments which make Jaanu a pleasant viewing experience.

When it is a remake or an adaptation, there are always questions about how the cast may fit the bill.  Then there is the comparison element, like the subtitles of a movie—you don’t want to look at it, but you eventually end up doing it.  Sharwanand and Samantha Akkineni are extravagant actors in their own empires. However, when it comes to a remake, every actor is a victim of such comparisons.  More so when it is a film like ’96!  When the trailer of Jaanu was released, the obvious questions popped up all over the digital space about the lead pair.  All these questions are answered in the most stylish way by these two brilliant actors.

Sharwanand, as K. Ramachandra, hits it out of the park with his subtle and to the point display of emotions.  He is consumed by the character so deeply in Jaanu, you almost forget he is an actor named Sharwanand.  Samantha Akkineni proved many a time why she is one of the top actresses, but Jaanu is in a different league.  There is a scene where she asks Ram about his decision to stay single and not get married and her outburst of numerous emotions through tears is a testimonial to her acting prowess.  Samantha enters an elite club with Jaanu!  The rest of the cast, Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh, Sharanya Pradeep, the pretty Varsha Bollamma and a cameo by veteran Tanikella Bharani, do not let you get off the hook line of the film.  The performances by each of them are honest and keep up with the touching narrative.

For drama, you need music which can keep up with the numerous emotions.  If the story of Jaanu is the veins, Govind Vasantha’s music is the blood running through it.  It is as simple as that! We can speak all day about his magical work with sounds.  Govind weaves a story around an episode in the story and directs it with his music compositions.  Full marks to Mr. Vasantha for Jaanu as he could not have gone wrong anywhere with this.

While the greenery of Jaanu is heartwarming, there are some grey spots as well.  The pace of the narrative may start testing your patience at times.  If you are not much into drama, Jaanu may not be the type of film you want to watch.  However, Jaanu may just be the film which may change your perspective about drama movies.

Watch Jaanu for the honest performances by Sharwanand and Samantha Akkineni as K. Ramachandra and S. Janaki Devi respectively as well as the authenticity in the story and the nostalgic trip on which it takes you.  We strongly recommend Jaanu!

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