Choosi Choodangaane Movie Review

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New age romantic movies are not a novelty in Tollywood.  Many producers consider having their progeny debut in the film industry with a love story as a safe bet.

Producer Raj Kandukuri introduced his son, Shiva Kandukuri, with one such love story, Choosi Choodangaane.


Movie Details:

Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma, Malavika Sateesan, Anish Kuruvilla and Pavitra Lokesh

Direction: Sesha Sindhu Rao

Music: Gopi Sundar


Siddhu (Shiva Kandukuri) is a college student who is attached to his mother (Pavitra Lokesh) and acts according to her wishes.  The moment he joins his B.Tech classes, he falls for Varsha (Malavika.) However, she breaks up with him after his engineering course is completed.  Siddhu is devastated and takes time to get over it.  Soon, after years, he meets Shruthi (Varsha Bollamma.)  He falls for her and she reciprocates his feelings. When they are both ready to tie the knot, a sudden twist in the tale takes place.  What is this twist? Where do Siddhu and Shruthi go from here? This is the story of Choosi Choodangaane!



Shiva Kandukuri makes an impressive debut with this love story.  The scenes Shiva particularly pulls off well are the ones where he interacts with Pavitra Lokesh.  His role was well written and the way he portrays his pain after the breakup shows his potential.

The star of this movie is Varsha Bollamma, who lights up the screen every time she is in a scene.  Her expressions, her voice and the way she vibes with Shiva Kandukuri are really great.


Pavitra Lokesh and Anish Kuruvilla, who play the parents of Shiva in the movie, do their parts very well.

Gopi Sundar’s music goes well with the genre of the movie and is really good.  Director Sesha Sindhu Rao did justice to the theme quite well and provides us with a clean movie.

Go for Choosi Choodangaane this week for a good time!

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