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With his energetic screen presence and uncanny delivery, Ravi Teja has cemented his place in Telugu cinema and has been ruling the roost for a while now. However, he has been going through a slump off late and hasn’t been having a great time at the box office. The Mass Maharaj is back in the reckoning with his latest outing Disco Raja which is directed by Vi Anand. Does Disco Raja have it in it to bring the back the Golden Days of Ravi Teja? Let’s see in this review.


Movie Details:

Cast: Ravi Teja, Bobby Simha, Nabha Natesh, Payal Rajput, Tanya Hope, Vennela Kishore and Sunil

Direction: Vi Anand

Music: S. Thaman



Indian Council of Medical Research find a man, presumed to be without life, in the chilly mountains of Ladakh and is brought to the lab for an experiment. Parineeti (Tanya Hope), a biochemical scientist, and her team attempt to bring dead people back to life, and in this effort this man becomes their subject. He is brought to life but turns out that he doesn’t remember a thing from past. Parallelly, Vasu (Ravi Teja), who is a happy-go-lucky middle-class man who suddenly goes missing and his family including his girlfriend Nabha (Nabha Natesh) are on the lookout for him. And all these dots get connected when Sethu (Bobby Simha), a gangster, comes looking for Disco Raj who he is seeking vengeance from. The common thread for all these stories is the man who is found in Ladakh. What transpires from there forms the crux of Disco Raja. There’s present narrative, there’s a 70s narrative and a common thread between these two which keeps Disco Raja engaging throughout.


What’s Good:

Disco Raja seems to an ideal story for an actor like Ravi Teja who owns the screen whenever he is on the frame. Playing a Don who has a heart for music, Ravi Teja delivers an astounding performance and full marks to him there. The Mass Maharaj brings all his experience to the table and plays the role to T. And playing the role in the present narrative, Ravi Teja aces perfection. Payal Rajput plays a meaty role and does impress with her performance in the flashback portions. Nabha Natesh’s role can almost be termed as a cameo, and cannot be too, since she has very few scenes in the narrative. Actors like Vennela Kishore, Satya, Tanya Hope and Shishir Sharma play supporting roles and make their presence felt with their performances. Actor Sunil has a concrete role in the film and does play a prime role in the narrative. Bobby Simha, playing the primary antagonist, puts up a good show and is convincing s Burma Sethu.


Director Vi Anand has picked up a not-so-common subject as the mainstay of the story, which has almost become his mantra for stories. Anand builds a story around this scientific subject and keeps the audience hooked on throughout the narrative with his screenplay. Speaking about the music, composer Thaman seems to be in a prime form and doing nothing wrong with his compositions. Besides catchy songs, Thaman’s background score, combined with the actors’ performances, make the scenes very impactful.

What’s Dull:


While the good things shine bright, it is the slowness at few points that pull the story down. Scenes which were meant to tickle our ribs end up being a boredom, although not very often. The main drawback comes in the slowness of the narrative which may leave us bored. However, all this gets made up for towards the end which has a unique surprise for audience.


Go watch Disco Raja for Ravi Teja’s thumping performance, Thaman’s music and Vi Anand’s choice of subject!

Have you watched the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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