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Romance and comedy go hand in hand amongst Tollywood filmmakers. New themes are constantly tried out in this genre, with screenplays which combine both love and humor.

Hulchul is one such movie.

Movie Details:

Cast: Rudraksh Utkam, Krishnudu, Dhanya Balakrishna and Ravi Prakash

Direction: Sripathy Karri

Music: Bharath Madhusudanan


Rudraksh (Rudraksh Utkam) is a non resident Indian who returns to India from Dubai to settle down. His friend (Krishnudu) hands over a purse and a bottle of a special liquid called Hulchul to Rudraksh and asks him to hand it over to his friend, Narasimha, on his arrival in Hyderabad.

On his way, Rudraksh due to unforeseen incidents, drinks the liquid and starts hallucinating.  He imagines his partner, Swathi (Dhanya Balakrishna,) in front of him and starts fantasising about her.  Meanwhile, a gang of goons come to Hyderabad in search of Hulchul and they find out it is in Rudraksh’s possession.  What is this Hulchul? Does Rudraksh come out of this hangover?  The rest of Hulchul focuses on answering these questions.


Hulchul has a great lead pair, Dhanya Balakrishna and Rudraksh Utkam.  Both play their roles extremely well and in the process, make the film watchable.  The movie is filled with situational comedy and has elements which generate laughter instantly.  Sripathy Karri does a good job of making a comedy caper. Dhanya Balakrishna, who started her career with a Tamil web series, is slowly emerging as a versatile actress with her roles.  She created her own brand of dialogue delivery and dubs for her films.  There is no doubt she will go places.

Bharath’s music essentially complements the main screenplay of the film and does well for the movie.

On the whole, Hulchul is woven on a thin plot but delivers well with a watchable screenplay.

Hulchul could well be your dose of relaxation this weekend!

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