Ashwamedham Movie Review

Action thrillers keep the audience on the edge and make for great entertainment, without a moment of dullness.

Ashwamedham is one among these movies, which focuses on a formidable enemy who can be won over by grit and determination.

Movie Details:

Cast: Dhruva Karunakar, Sonyaa and Vennela Kishore

Direction: G. Nitin

Music: Charan Arjun


Dhruva Karunakar plays Aditya, an undercover cop of Intelligence Bureau, fighting for the anti terrorism wing of the Reseach And Analysis Wing (RAW,) Government of India.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) gets information about an impending attack on India’s digital media network by some foreign attackers who want to cripple the information base of India.  It is then Dhruva who takes on the mission of preventing the impending war.

Aditya is simultaneously involved in a game of chess with an old man who outshines Aditya in every move.  The old man says he may be reading Aditya’s mind and guessing his next moves a tad bit earlier.

Why does Aditya get involved in this game of chess and how does he fare in his mission?  How does he save his country from the impending cyber attack?

These questions are answered during the rest of the movie.


Ashwamedham is an out and out action drama with breathtaking camerawork and action sequences.

Dhruva Karunakar makes the most of the opportunity given to him and performs to the merit of his character.  Right from the action sequences to his love scenes with Sonyaa, the movie is a Dhruva Karunakar show. Sonyaa also plays her part as his love interest quite impressively.  Vennela Kishore, who appears in a few scenes of this serious action film, provides comic relief.

The film also scores big because of its new story based on cyber crimes.  The cinematography by N. Jayapal Reddy is top class and helps the movie achieve its goal of being an ideal action thriller.  Charan Arjun’s music, especially the background score, is awesome and makes the ambience of Ashwamedham interesting.

Ashwamedham makes for a great watch for action movie lovers and is a must watch for people who like novelty.

Ashwamedham Movie Review
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