Legendary Singer Vani Jairam Enters 75th Year – Her Top 5 Telugu Songs

Can any voice be so classically perfect and also be suited for film playback singing?  Can a voice exhibit such malleability it can adapt to any film playback genre?

Yes, the only answer to this is Vani Jairam.  The Soprano singer, whose voice has an incredible range and clarity, turns 74 on November 30th, 2019.

We revisit Vani Jairam’s top 5 Telugu songs and wish her many more musical years ahead.

  1. Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva in Sankarabharanam (1980)

This song, set to Kalyani raga in K. Viswanath’s classic Sankarabharanam, tested the voice range and skills of Vani Jairam.  She excelled in this role, as she does every time. The movie won her the Best Female Playback Singer National Award for the year 1979, making this movie a special one of her career.

  1. Andela Ravamidi in Swarna Kamalam (1988)

This semi classical song, which was featured on legendary dancer Bhanu Priya, remains a song steeped in the joy of dancing and the divinity associated with it.  Vani Jairam’s flawless vocals breathed life into this song with its tough nuances. The song and this movie by K. Viswanath remain classics to this day.

  1. Minneti Suridu in Seethakoka Chiluka (1981)

This Ilaiyaraaja number in the raga Shubhapanthuvarali is a classic one.  Vani Jairam sang this song as a duet with S.P. Balasubrahmanyam.  The picturisation by Bharathiraja also added to the beauty of this song.

  1. Poojalu Cheya from Pooja (1975)

This devotional number by Vani Jairam is a daily morning ritual in many homes in Andhra.  The soothing number picturised on Vanisri is a must on any Sri Rama Navami playlist in the Telugu land.

  1. Anathineeyara in Swathi Kiranam (1992)

This song is any singer’s ultimate challenge.  The raga Amritavarshini is treated in its entirety and the song is also a rhythmical challenge set in different tempos, interchanging in between.  This is easily Vani Jairam’s signature song in Telugu which, again, won her the Best Female Playback Singer National Award in 1993.

K. Viswanath, the great director who made classics in Telugu based on musical themes, preferred Vani Jairam to sing the classical compositions mostly.  It is noteworthy the singer won her two National Awards for films directed by him. She openly conveyed her gratitude to him.

Happy birthday, Vani amma!



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