Tholu Bommalata Review

Rajendra Prasad, the actor who started his career as a comedian, then a villain and slowly, a romantic hero, made a smooth transition from happy roles to serious roles.  Movies like Mahanati, Aa Naluguru and Oh! Baby were noted for his great roles and performance.

Rajendra Prasad’s new film, Tholu Bommalata, also focuses on family ties and is a testimony to his versatility as an actor.

Movie Details:

Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Viswant, Vennela Kishore, Harshita and Devi Prasad

Direction: Viswanath Maganti

Music: Suresh Bobbili


Somaraju (Rajendra Prasad) is a family patriarch living peacefully in the village of Atchutapuram.  All his children settle down in cities and he is okay with it. Rishi (Viswant) and Varsha (Harshita) are cousins and are deeply in love with each other.  They are Somaraju’s grandchildren and when their parents do not agree to their marriage, they go to Somaraju to get the issue resolved. However, when Somaraju takes a stern stand about the marriage, his relation with his family gets deeply affected.  He realises only Santosh (Vennela Kishore) may be able to help him solve the family’s problems. Does Santosh help Somaraju? How is the issue resolved?  This forms the rest of the story of Tholu Bommalata.


This is a movie which hinges on Rajendra Prasad and his role.  The senior actor lives the role of Somaraju, which is handmade for him.  Of course, no one can miss the emotional aspect in his performances in each of his films.

Vennela Kishore plays the role of a helping hand to Somaraju and he excels in his role, as usual.  The movie’s maximum screen space is shared by Rajendra Prasad and Kishore, who enliven the scenes.

Young hero Viswant also shines in his role as a confused youth who wants the able guidance of his elders.  This movie gives him ample scope, like his previous movie Manamantha, to play his role with aplomb.  Harshita plays the love interest of Viswant and does well.

In recent times, Suresh Bobbili the most prolific music composer for small budget movies.  He excels in this movie too, with his background score.

The movie’s climax is quite unexpected and throws light on the issues old age parents face due to the apathy of their children.  The film is a reflection of how elders should be treated in general and the need for the current generation to care for their elders.

Tholu Bommalata is a must watch for those who love family dramas!


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