Did Madhavan disown NISHABDHAM?

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Actor Madhavan’s latest act on the digital world related to his latest release Nishabdham, is worth enough to term as a folly. Wonder why we say that? The teaser of his Nishabdham, also starring Anushka Shetty, was released on the eve of the actress’ birthday and his participation in promoting the promotional video can be termed as discouraging for all parties involved in the project. What comes as a shocker is Madhavan’s perspective of calling the film as Anushka’s project and not his too, which seems to have left many wondering (including us.) As a multilingual project with a stellar cast like Madhavan himself and Anushka Shetty, it goes without being said their selfless participation would only boost the reach of the film to a wider audience. But this act by Madhavan of not thinking about the larger picture of a project, of which he is part (we say so since he is one of the USPs of Nishabdham) can be termed as immature and crude.

Here’s a fact talk! Audience look at the stars involved in a project and walk into the cinemas to watch it irrespective of what the outcome is. But this numb effort of Madhavan to renounce himself from Nishabdham, will definitely not help making it a widely accepted project. If there were any differences with the makers of the film in terms of promotions, the best way to resolve it was to speak within closed doors and end it once and for all. But Madhavan chose to take a path which leaves an uncalled for wound on all the parties involved in the film. Madhavan’s puzzelling act will only leave a dent on the larger picture of the film and does no good to the makers and the film as well.

With the teaser of Nishabdham receiving such magnanimous response, this uncalled for situation would only turn out to be fodder for many digital world users, who are always on the lookout for such burning and gossip kind of issues.

Will Madhavan bury the hatchet with the makers and get his act together? The coming days will only tell.

P.S. Have you watched the teaser of Nishabdham yet? Watch it right here:


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