Aaviri Telugu Movie Review

Actor turned director Ravi Babu is a good storyteller too.  The actor first made a family comedy, Allari, which became a buzzword for unadulterated fun.  Now, he came up with a new movie, Aaviri, which belongs to the supernatural thriller genre.

Movie Details:

Cast: Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Sri Muktha, Bharani and Mukhtar Khan

Director: Ravi Babu

Music: Vaiddhy

Camera: Sudhakar Reddy


Rajkumar Rao (Ravi Babu) is a well established businessman who has a happy life with his wife Leena (Neha Chauhan) and two daughters.  Tragedy strikes him, with one of his kids dying from asthma.  This happens when they move to an ancient house built during the 1920s.  To aggravate his vagaries, his younger daughter, Munni (Sri Muktha,) starts behaving in a weird manner by speaking to an invisible being.  Who is the invisible being?  Is it the spirit of Rajkumar’s elder daughter?  Moreover, why are the spirits, if any, targeting his family alone?  This is answered in the second half, with a lot of twists and turns.


First and foremost, Aaviri is a director’s movie.  Ravi Babu took a leaf from a personal experience of the former Warangal District Collector, Amrapali and developed a script, choosing to play with the supernatural aspect.

The first half of the movie sets the pace for the rest of the movie’s suspense.  Ravi Babu, as the worrying father, brings out the scenes very well and is impressive.  Next come the child actors, especially Sri Muktha, who performs quite well as a possessed girl.

Neha Chauhan plays her role of a grieving mother so well, it is hard not to shed a tear watching her performance.

The camera angles by Sudhakar Reddy provide the required suspense and intrigue to the plot and the scenes where Sri Muktha and Ravi Babu interact are a delight to watch.

Ravi Babu has proven time and again that he is a good storyteller and Aaviri proves this fact again.

Go and watch Aaviri this week!  You will feel gratified after watching this no nonsense thriller!


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